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Village of Kereni, Municipal Tryavna
The residential village named Titi is situated in the immediate vicinity of Tryavna, just before the village of Kereni. It is located in a picturesque area on a slope with a southern exposure and a beautiful view of the mountain. It consists of 19 one-story houses, each one suitable for one family. It is developed as a detached building site. Water supply, electricity, the approach to the buildings, their boundaries are ensured by the plan. The main requirement that only natural materials (wood, stone, ceramic) be used was met. Another requirement was that all the buildings had to lead to the yard and it was also met.
The plan of the village was ready in 2008. The building process began in August, 2008 and today the rough construction is completed.
The work on the project included the creation of the plat, the preparation of the preliminary plan, the application plan, the working drawing and the control during the building process.