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Town of Gabrovo
The residential building on Morava Str. in Gabrovo was designed in 2007. The building process began in 2008 and finished in 2009. It is a four-story solid building which includes shops and a café on the ground floor and flats on the other floors. The fourth floor is shrunk compared to the others in order to ensure that the needed distance from the boundaries of the parcel is kept.
The composition of the building is simple, the roof is flat, a part of the third floor is covered with a flat roof which can be used as a terrace. There are large southern windows in the apartments as the view of Stara Planina mountain is marvelous and worth having look at.
The work on the project included the creation of the plat, the preparation of the preliminary plan, the application plan, the working drawing and the control during the building process.