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Town of Sevlievo
The building of the tree nursery in Sevlievo was designed in 2001. The plans were designed according to the requirements of the European program SAPARD. The project was approved and financed by SAPARD.
It consists of an administrative building and a storehouse. The construction is made of steel and partly of reinforced concrete. The tree nursery is located at the entry to Sevlievo from Sofia. Its entrance is emphasized by a glazed truncated parallelepiped which intersects the whole building and comes out above the roof. The staircase is situated in the volume created of the parallelepiped.
The work on the project included the creation of the plat, the preparation of the preliminary plan, the application plan, the working drawing, the preparation of specifications for tenders, invitation to tender, contract, management and control of the building process (Project Management) using the German AVA system.