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Town of Sevlievo
The storehouse, including an administrative hall and an exhibition hall of Mira N Ltd., is located in the northern industrial zone of Sevlievo. This industrial zone was developed in the early nineties of the 20 century surrounding the American factory named Ideal Standard. It spread in the beginning of 21 century and reached the main road Sofia-Varna.
The building site consists of 4 sub-building sites a storehouse with construction made of steel and surrounding walls (area 6000 m2 ), an administrative and exhibition building a solid three-story building (area - 2300 m2), a platform surrounding the building site which includes parking lots, ramps for loading up and unloading vehicles, sidewalks and road connecting the building site to the main road Sofia-Varna.
The design was finished in 2007. The building process finished in 2009.
The work on the project included the creation of the plat, the preparation of the preliminary plan, the application plan, the working drawing, the preparation of specifications for tenders, invitation to tender, contract, management and control of the building process (Project Management) using the German AVA system.
The building was registered participant to enter a contest Building of the Year 2009, organized by Stroitelstvo Gradat weekly under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and supported by various real estate organizations.