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Town of Sevlievo
The Hrinad slaughterhouse for chickens, in the immediate vicinity of Sevlievo, was designed in 2002-2003. The trade name of its products is Bulchicken. The building meets the technological requirements for this kind of factories. The technological plan was created by both Bulgarian and Italian technologists. The plans were made according to the requirements of the European program SAPARD. The project was approved and financed by SAPARD. The building process finished in 2007.
The slaughterhouse is an one-story building. Its area is 1670 square meters; the central production part of the building is higher and lightened like a basilica. In the lower parts there are the administrative halls, the basic sanitary facilities and the technological halls. The refrigerator room is separated and is located in the western part of the building. The goods ramp is also there. The construction is made of steel. The building and the needed water is heated through gas.
The work on the project included the creation of the plat, the preparation of the preliminary plan, the application plan, the working drawing, the preparation of specifications for tenders and control of the building process.