Todor Burmov Str 8
5300 Gabrovo
tel +359.(0)66.809315
fax +359.(0)66.809315


VALEVI Architectural Studio is working in the towns of Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Tryavna and Dryanovo since 1983. Until 1990 the activities of the studio were realized through the State Territorial Designers’ Bureau in Gabrovo. In 1991 the partners started working independently and in 2004 founded the ‘VALEVI Architectural Studio’ Ltd. ‘VALEVI Architectural Studio’ Ltd is specialized in urban planning and in the preparation of investment projects for office buildings, storehouses, residential buildings, public buildings and factories.
In 1994, after a year of specialization in a German architectural studio, VALEVI Architectural Studio began to adopt the German AVA system for preparation, invitation to tender, contract, management and control of the building process (Project Management) and to use it in their projects. In 2006 the studio bought the AVA program Allright (a product of the German company NEMETSCHEK) and now use it successfully in their work.
In ‘VALEVI Architectural Studio’ is adopted the quality management system certified EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.
German is spoken fluently in the studio; the workers have also a good command of English and Russian languages.

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